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The premier dating site for singles over 50! is simply the easiest way for singles over 50 to find their perfect match. We work with experienced dating services that specialize in working with singles like you. Complete the form above and we will connect you with our recommended dating site or matchmaker in your area.


Safety First

When it comes to dating, we know that safety is more important than anything. Our local dating partners provide the safest dating experience possible and conduct background checks on each and every member. Our online dating partners also take safety very seriously and have advanced detection tools built into their software geared
to weed out potentially bad people. Remember to exercise safety and caution in everything you do on the internet and never send money to strangers.


Quality singles choose us because they are tired of playing games and don't have the time or patience to date the wrong types of people. It's not hard to meet people but it is hard to meet the right one. We work with partners that spend millions of dollars on marketing finding and attracting the quality singles over 50 that you really want to meet but are so hard to find on your own. There is someone else out there that wants to meet you as well so let us
put the two of you together.


We provide the simplest, most effective way to meet singles over 50 in your area. Our offline dating partners literally do all the work for you and you may not even need a computer to use their services. We have specifically chosen online dating sites to partner with that offer simple, point and click systems because singles over 50 were not raised on computers like their children and grandchildren. So if simplicity is important to you and you want an easy, effective dating service, then you are in the right place.

Over 50 Singles Only

happy mature coupleA lot of dating services out there cater to the younger generations out there and leave singles over 50 as an afterthought. At, older singles are our one and only priority. We understand the needs of singles in their fifties and sixties and beyond. And we work leading dating services around the country that make over 50 singles their number one priority as well. We know that online dating can intimidating and we will be there to hold your hand every step of the way.

Locally Focused

happy mature coupleIn dating, location is everything. It does not matter how many singles are out there on places like online dating sites. All that matters is finding you quality singles in your area because all it takes is that one special person for you to be successful. We will use our 25+ years of dating experience to recommend to you great dating services that serve your specific area..

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